Boring, OR Paintless Dent Removal / Repair

1st Superior

1st Superior provides professional paintless dent removal and repair in the Boring, OR area. We have over 36 years experience in auto restoration and 13 years on PDR repairs. We are licensed, bonded , and insured.Donec bibendum faucibus imperdiet.

auto restoration - Boring, OR - 1st Superior

1st Superior Offers:

  • PDR on old, classic, collector cars
  • Paintless dent removal / repair
  • Auto restoration

We have done hail damage for insurance companies. We can repair punched in plastic urethane bumpers. ( some conditions apply )

Call 1st Superior at 503-516-6438.

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1st Superior, 33780 SE Jarl Rd Boring, OR 97009
1st Superior

33780 SE Jarl Rd
Boring, OR 97009